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The "Ice Water Method"

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 Mendocino County, California
New US patented process unlocks ancient resinous herbal treasures.

"The Ice Water Method," developed in Mendocino County, California, was granted a US patent for an all new ice water extraction process for resinous herbs.

Many traditional herbs we are familiar with produce a crystal sparkling resin, covering leaves, stems and flowers at certain times of their life cycle.

Lavender, sage, mint, rosemary and calendula are just a few of the resinous herbs used in cosmetics, culinary spices, aromatherapy, fragrances and incense today.

These Herbs were used whole for thousands of years and their precious resins are difficult to separate from their natural host.

Since the 19th century, the industrial response is the use of harmful chemical solvents to produce herbal extracts.

Now for the 21st century a completely natural alternative: "The Ice Water Method."

The only necessary ingredients are resinous herbs and ice water!

Even fresh plant material can be processed as the sticky resins harden in ice water, producing natural, crystalline extracts economically.

"The Ice Water Method" possesses giant potential, considering the wide variety and uses of resinous herbs proven beneficial for thousands of years in many native cultures.

Confronted with many artificial ingredients and additives in our daily lives, this new alternative method challenges existing industrial processes.

The X-tractor Kit, includes all special tools for immediate home use. The comprehensive instructional video system details process while delving into the history and trend towards natural alternatives.

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